Resort in Langkawi


Langkawi Island is located northwest of the Malay Peninsula coastline, a total of 99 tropical islands. Distance Perlis estuary about 30 km away, while Kedah estuary is about 51 km. One of the biggest island of Langkawi island called. These islands are full of weird magical myths and legends, such as some of the giant man-eating monster, giant bird, warriors and fairies, fighting and love story. Here is a nature's paradise, and compared to other Southeast Asian islands, can be regarded as unique.

These islands have been 500 million years of geological history, and everywhere stands fascinating rocky cliffs. Many cave of stalactites and stalagmites, but also seems to laugh at the people who come to Quest archeology. Beautiful sandy beaches allow you to enjoy life in the sun beneath the fun. Clear turquoise water, your experience may be of a series of water sports, games, and undersea adventure. Thick fog covered the hills, land surface and crisp lime forests, hidden in one of there spectacular waterfalls and mysterious caves. A wide variety of flowering plants and animals, enough to make the eyes and ears of those who love nature addicted flawless. For those who desire adventure, guided treks, river boat and surround the islands, is the most pleasant enough. The simple beauty of the island, in fact, they are the main charm. Here, we give you say Selamat Datang - Welcome to Langkawi.

Legendary Island

This legendary island is located north-west of peninsular Malaysia Kedah. From the 1024 islands, is the largest island Langkawi. Here are people seeking tranquility and escape the hustle and bustle of city life places. Its unique magical charm, attracting countless visitors repeatedly come to the island for sightseeing. Islands spread all kinds of strange demons, eagle, warrior, folk tales and fairy princesses and other myths and legends, which also added a bit of mystery to the landscape.

Langkawi - a tax-free shopping paradise for tourism to provide a wide range of local and imported goods colorful. Wide range of goods, dazzling, from household appliances to the world's top designer clothes. From perfume to decorations. All are tax-free, the price is lower than the average retail price. This island is also Southeast Asia's main congress and exhibition center, successfully held twice LIMA (Malaysia international maritime and aviation) Exhibition. Here you will experience the legendary holiday.